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Hello World, Welcome to GroupToAll world. WhatsApp is the most used social media app in the world. Moreover, It is available for Mobile and PC versions like app, web, for Windows, Android, and iOS operating systems.

Billions (or trillions) of users are using WhatsApp for multiple purposes like entertainment, education, earnings, chatting with friends and family, businesses, marketing, etc.

WhatsApp group refers to a group of up to 257 like-minded people who discuss or share information or ideas with multiple people in a single click. In addition, there are unlimited WhatsApp groups and WhatsApp group links created by WhatsApp users on WhatsApp. Therefore you can search for any group on our website you like and simply join it.

We serve different categories of WhatsApp group links for you, including funny, cricket, girls, entertainment, trading, earning money, etc.

In these available groups, you will chat with different people around the world from 50+ countries, including India, America, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Philippines, Germany, etc.

We have tried our best to provide you with the best group for you. Still, It’s up to you which group you want to join from the GroupToAll website.

About Traders Mantra

Traders Mantra is the best Stock Market institute in Chandigarh that provides the stock market courses at the basic level, intermediate and also master levels regarding the technical analysis. We work in equity (cash segment), futures and options, Forex, commodities and cryptocurrency. 

Traders Mantra is best known for the accuracy level in Swing trade, Positional trade and Long-term investment. All our accuracy written above have a minimum risk reward of 1:5. Our speciality is in Option selling, long term investment and positional trading. We work on the most renowned principles like GANN THEORY, Dow theory, Elliott wave principle, NEO WAVE THEORY and many more like the Wyckoff method of accumulation and distribution.

WhatsApp Group Links

Group Name Group Link

Traders Mantra Crypto Mining


Traders Mantra


Traders Mantra NSE


Trades Mantra Forex


Traders Mantra Commodity


Traders Mantra BSE


Traders Mantra Analysis


Taders Mantra Stocks


Traders Mantra Crypto #1


Traders Mantra Crypto #2


Common WhatsApp Group Rules

When you join the WhatsApp group from the available links on our website, you will need to follow some basic rules to use that group for a long time. However, the member who does not follow any group rule can be warned by the admin of the group. Still, if the member doesn’t listen to the warning, they may even be removed from the group.

  • Do not post any other link in the group or any false information.
  • Respect all the other members available in the group.
  • Do now share any spammy or fraud messages in the group.
  • No hate speech is allowed in the group
  • You have the freedom to join or exit the group at any time.
  • Obey all the group rules set by the admin.

How to join WhatsApp groups on our website?

Don’t worry, follow the straightforward steps given below.

  • Search the Category of groups of your choice on our website and then search the name of the group.
  • Click on the join button in front of the group name of your choice from the list.
  • You will be redirected to the WhatsApp website or app.
  • The screen will display a join button again to you.
  • Simply hit the join button, and you will join the group successfully.

How to create a WhatsApp group on WhatsApp?

It is possible to add up to 256 members in one group. So, if you want to connect with more people, you can think of creating more than one group. Here are some steps to create a WhatsApp group.

  • Explore the chat option on WhatsApp. Or click on the three dots upper right corner, and select the new group.
  • Select the members from your contact list which you want to add to your group and click on next.
  • You will get an option to write a group title, and create it.
  • You can create a group name in 25 characters.
  • To make the group attractive, add the group icon.
  • Click on create when you are done with all steps.
  • To add members, you can share an invite link with us via email or post it on our website.

How to Revoke or Limit a WhatsApp Group Link?

In each WhatsApp group, there can be a maximum of 257 members including the admin. But if the admin wants to add only 50 people, or doesn’t want to add unwanted people to the group, then comes the role of revoking the WhatsApp group link. For this process, just read the following steps to revoke the WhatsApp group link noting that you are the admin of the WhatsApp group.

  • Open the group on WhatsApp that you want to revoke with its link.
  • Click on the name of that group.
  • Scroll the screen and hit on the invite via the link option.
  • You will get an option to revoke the group link.
  • Click on that revoke the link, that’s it.

How to find and share a WhatsApp group invite link through WhatsApp?

If you are an admin of the group, you must know how to create an invite link for the group to add new members. Then here are some steps which you can follow to do so.

  • Click on the WhatsApp group name.
  • scroll down on the screen.
  • Click on the option of invite via link
  • Once you click there, you will get the link automatically.
  • You can share that link with whom you want to add to the group.
  • To add more people, you can share the link with our website, we at Group2All are happy to help you.

How to find and share a WhatsApp group invite link through our website?

This guide is for those who are not admin of the WhatsApp group. For them, We have added unlimited WhatsApp group links on our website. Moving ahead, You can find the link which you like to share from our website. Copy it and send it to your friends. Secondly, you can share your link to our website. Therefore, We have explained steps on how to share a WhatsApp group with our website, please go through it.

Why some of the group links are not working?

If you try to join the WhatsApp group using any of the links, you may not be able to join the group using that link. It may be due to a few reasons. One of them could be, that the admin no longer wants to add new members to the group so he has changed the group link or group links. (add reason group full, reset group link, delete a group by admin)

Why could I not join the WhatsApp group using the invite link?

There are multiple reasons that you can not join the WhatsApp group. However, the first one is that only 257 members can be added to one group and that group is full. And the second reason is that the admin has revoked the group link for a particular group.

How to leave a WhatsApp group?

You have joined a WhatsApp group, or someone added you to a group. But you are no longer interested to be there in that group, so you want to exit it. To leave a group, here are some simple steps which you can follow.

  • Initially open a WhatsApp.
  • Go to the group which you want to leave.
  • Click on three dots.
  • Go to group information.
  • Scroll down and hit the exit group option.
  • That’s it, you have successfully left the WhatsApp group.

How to Delete WhatsApp Groups?

Following the above steps, you have successfully left the unwanted WhatsApp group. Now it is time to deleting whatsapp group and its chat from your WhatsApp account. Otherwise, it will consume the storage of your device. Let’s follow the method below to delete the group.

  • Open the WhatsApp application.
  • Go to the group which you want to delete, simply go to the exited group.
  • Click on the three dots available on the top right corner of the screen in your WhatsApp account.
  • Open group info.
  • If you have not left the group exit it.
  • Now the delete option will be shown to you on your screen.
  • Go for deleting that group.
  • You are done with it successfully.

How to share a WhatsApp group Link on our website?

If you want more and more members to be added to your group then share the group link with us. Then we will be happy to help you. Simply, there are two ways. Firstly you can send us an email at with the group name, invite link, and the country location of the group to which you would like to add a member. Secondly, you can upload group links directly to our website. you need to fulfill some straightforward points.

  • Go to the menu on the Group2All website.
  • You will get an option ADD GROUP LINK.
  • Click on that.
  • Then create an account on our website.
  • Activate your account by clicking on the provided link in your registered email Id.
  • After that, log in to your account on the website.
  • Then, you will get a frontend submission form.
  • In the title, you can add the type of group. For example, the best funny WhatsApp group.
  • In the editor, type the group name and invite link of the group. For instance group name successful entrepreneurs.
  • On the right side, you will get the option to select the category of WhatsApp group, like WhatsApp India, WhatsApp America, etc.
  • Once you do all the steps you can submit the form for review.
  • We will review your group details and post them on our website.

Are WhatsApp group links safe to join from the group2all website?

We always want our users to join safe groups. Therefore we verify those groups and then only post them on our website. However, for precautionary measures, we suggest the following things that you need to follow.

  • Please don’t pay anything to other members or admins of the WhatsApp group you join from our website without verifying them.
  • Please don’t share any OTP, personal data, or social media account with anyone to avoid cyber attacks on your data.
  • Don’t trust anyone in the group blindly.
  • We also request you not to do any video calls to avoid blackmailing from the other end.

If you follow our suggestions, you can assume it is safe to join the group. Otherwise, we will not be responsible for any of your issues like money fraud, account hack, blackmail, or any such criminal activity.

In conclusion

To sum up, we have tried to give you all the guides regarding WhatsApp groups. However, if you feel anything is missing, please let us know we will add it for you. You will definitely join your required group from our website. Thank you for reading.

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