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Suggestion FAQ's

Ans. No.We are working on all videos that’s are in the YouTube Channel

Ans. We suggest you to create videos atleast 10 min. Higher the video length is good. But we can work on any video length.

Ans. Actually content should be unique. All types of videos are good for YouTube Channel.

Ans. Red mark on the video means that they are short videos

General FAQ's

Ans. 15 Watch Hours are free of cost. This will be for new customer only.

Ans. No. Payment is non-refundable or transferable once done.

Terms And Conditions for YouTube

1) Genuine subscribers will be provided. We assure that, no botted or fake subscribers will be added. Watch hours provided by us will also be genuine.

2) For testing our services, we have a demo. In a demo, we are providing 10 subscribers and 10 watch hours of youtube. Genuine work will be delivered. You can check regularly for up to 7 days. We are providing 3 more days with sending emails regarding our service feedback. If you like our service within 10 days you can do a deal or buy our plan. If you do not reply within 10 days or do not buy our plan, the subscriber and watch hours will start dropping and being removed from your account as provided in the demo.

3) Client or customer should be in touch with us regularly within the project time frame. If not possible for any reason, the client or customer will tell us the new time to respond. If the client or customer doesn’t tell us or does not respond then the subscriber and watch hour will start dropping after 10 days from the last talk.

4) The subscribers and watch hours will be permanent to the client or customer after the full payment or as much payment. Permanently to the client means it does not start removing from our side and the subscriber and watch hour will be always in the client account.

5) Report will be sent daily. Weekly reports will be sent as per the client’s request. Reports will be sent in excel with subscriber name and watch hour. We will also send a screenshot of subscribers as per the client’s request.

6) If the client finds out that subscribers are dropping from our side. The client can ask for the new report anytime. If we find out that subscribers and watch hour dropping from our side then we will replace them with the new one.

7) The subscriber and watch hour will not be transferred to another accounts or channel.

8) 15 Watch Hours will be given on the next month after completing the work. 15 Watch Hours will be completed in 30 days. We send you report on weekly basis.

Latest Client's YouTube Channel Report

Here is one of the latest client’s YouTube Channel Report. This Report is not more than 6 Months old. We will update the new report every 6 Months

My Words

As a professional Digital Marketing Expert, To be done genuine work. It takes lot of time to complete the work. We do hard word at day and night to get you 100 Subscribers and Watch Hours. Thanks

Note:- If you have more query. Please feel free to Contact Us.

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